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Traduction de la pétition a retrouvé ici :

You may have received an official invitation from Jamendo to support a petition that will support an amendment to the European Council concerning the management free of copyright.

While in absolute terms it may choose to support this amendment, including opposition to the "monopoly" of collective management societies for copyright as SACEM in France, some artists do not endorse the position in this matter Jamendo .

Indeed, Jamendo said intervene "on behalf of its artists', but do not ask them their opinion first. Moreover, for several months and groups of artists ever more proclaim their dissatisfaction with the indifference of Jamendo address their concerns and their legitimate wishes. Jamendo seems in fact behave like a label only when its own interests are at stake

Recent cases have shown little interest Jamendo brings to the defense of free and open source licenses, as well as the lack of respect for the values ​​that "his" artists want to defend them. Jamendo seems to support more commercial development JamendoPRO at the expense of promoting artists who do not wish (or stop) pay their musical productions. Worse, perhaps under pressure from MusicMatic, Jamendo deletes entries as simple as "artists" or "groups" of its advertising campaigns JamendoPRO, speaking only of albums, product reality. Very recently, an advertisement (always visible on the website) proposes "royalty-free music." Although this name is not legal in France and can not divest itself of its copyrights, the fact is that such an expression ("a marketing hook for customers" according Jamendo) is associated to the Most people with music discount, cheap, therefore, without knowledge mostly from the authors of the music "business" without taste nor talent.
Faced with the outcry of its artists, Jamendo has done absolutely nothing. Is this normal? Is this even an acceptable behavior?

Finally, Jamendo seems to have a clearly industrial. The rights of artists under free licenses and open only appears more clearly as a priority.

So even if you decide to sign the petition to PayPal this petition you will also say:

"We, artists and members, we require that Jamendo quickly refocused its policy on artists under Free licenses that are registered on the site, or not adhering to its service PRO.
As such, we ask more than words, but concrete action and fast:

1) That does not Jamendo artist site in its communication without having had their prior approval.

2) What Jamendo orients its policies towards more Editoral towards the active promotion of artists and groups (not just their productions!) And much less towards a logic of "free music catalog of rights."

3) What Jamendo accountable accurate and detailed information on their use of the assignment by the artists, the use of their works. What specific customer contacts are shared with artists, and they will use specific musical works.

4) What Jamendo removes all of its ambiguous term JamendoPRO (websites and advertising campaigns), and urging its customers with respect to the CC By-clauses, that is to say, mentioning the names of artists (this also applies to radios JamendoPRO), and that it promote educational free licenses and respect the copyright to his last. "

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