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6 octobre 2010 3 06 /10 /octobre /2010 15:00

blackera-logo.jpgVoilà une nouvelle qui fait l'effet d'une bombe pour tous leurs fans !

Black Era, le groupe de triphop Napolitin, monument du genre sur Jamendo, grand groupe et fils spirituel de Massive Attack a donc décidé de quitter le site où ils étaient depuis près de 4 ans.

La raison donné est très claire : une scission idéologique profonde avec Jamendo. Le groupe, grand défenseur du libre et des licences CC, n'a plus réussi à se reconnaître dans la politique de Jamendo (peut-être amplifié par la pression qui est mise sur les bons groupes pour adhérer à JamPro). Mais Black Era n'a pas disparue d'internet. En plus de leur site myspace, vous pouvez surtout les retrouver à présent sur le net-label indépendant  Aquietbump. Voici d'ailleurs le lien : Black Era - The Mute EP.


Exclu Jamendo-Chroniques : un nouvel album arrive bientôt, soyez attentif à une prochaine annonce sur le blog ;)


[Mise à jour 15/10/2010]

Allez voir les commentaires, un membre du groupe explique plus en détails les raisons de leur départ de Jamendo.

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hi. I am blob from black era.

first of all i would like to thank the Jamendo admins for being the most polite persons we met since we started filesharing, and for the real care they had for us in years. We really respect all
of you.

i just found this note and i wanna answer to clarify why we left the community.

the note itself is again another point that shows how much jamendo team cares about music. big respect really.

I found interesting how jamendo evolved, we tried the pro program and it works, and probably is now a really useful tool to promote label catalogues and bands.

but we've always  been pushing the idea about "selling an mp3 is selling nothing", it has been our ideology not agaist the idea of selling an mp3,  but against the warfare that sony
started in 1980, buyong dozen of label catalogues to push them using their brand new media (the cd). the beginning of the crisis was introducing the digitalization of audio and disconnecting the
music from the carrier media. you could not think to vinyl and his cut as 2 different entities. subsequentially sony and others introduced the duplication  technology, inoculatong the idea
in music listeners that since the music could be duplicated forever it was worth not a penny. The actual music crisis, in our poor opinion, directy descents from an industrial sony program to
move investments from music to duplication industry, we cant believe they were not aware of this risk introducint duplication and we think it is also tied to the end of their copyright on the
"compact disc" brand. many other industrial entities exploited this dead horse called music to push on the wideband industry. now buying  a cd is like buying an expensive snack in which the
70% of costs is in advertisment, 29% in the packaging and 1% in food.

Again, i think that selling mp3, like a self promoting band could do, or like  a small organized agents could  do with little fee, like jamendo does, is a plausible market.

Its  their right doing it. because each track becomes alive just when people listen it.to be alive music need to be listened. to be listened music needs promotion. usually musicans arent
good promoters of their work, so an idea like jamendo (in digital era) comes welcome.

for us the real problem is when big companies come in the market, like apple does, eating most of the sales gain, and just giving nothing for dollars. (thats means nothing for nothing, but thats
another history ;)

so why we left jamendo if we feel right with mp3 sales? just bucause we didnt feel comfortable with the idea of doing it ourselves.

i may ask sorry for my poor english, thats barely a transalation of naples slang in english words.

and i would like to say thanku again to jamendo community and wish to them and honest people like them  the best luck.

Big love Blob



Merci Blob,

Je suis sûr que ça comblera les fans :)

Avec mon blog, je continuerai à suivre le groupe, que j'aime beaucoup ;)


Thank you Blob
I'm sure it will satisfy the fans :)
With my blog, I will continue to follow the group, which I love ;)





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